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     GFWCSouthside Woman's Club of Jacksonville "Women Inspiring Community Spirit"      


A Smile for Everyone


The members of Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville plainly had great big smiles on their faces when Dot Williamson, Carol Nikielski and Sandy Marshall reported that they had put their time and talent together to make 25 “Smile Dolls” and “Smile Bags.” This was to help children who have been born with a cleft lip or palate, or both. This condition results in a hole in the mouth or lip that doesn’t close properly. It is clearly most unsightly.  Much went into the “Smile Dolls”- buying the fabric, tracing it, cutting, stuffing the dolls, and hand-stitching the dolls together. 


These same ladies also made the “Smile Bags” which called for a sewing machine, iron, sewing pins, brightly colored fabric, thread, and sturdy ribbon for the drawstring. The bags are filled with personal items such as shampoo, comb, washcloth, a bar of soap, toothpaste, coloring book, crayons and a small square mirror. Before the surgery, the child takes the mirror and looks at himself and draws on one side of the doll what he/she looks like. After the surgery, they again take the mirror and draw on the other side of the doll, their new wonderful smile! We hope when they look in the mirror after the surgery, they will find great joy with their “new” look and that this will bring smiles to their faces and to those of their parents. That’s really something that we ALL can smile about!


These items were sent to the office in North Carolina and will be distributed to the various medical missions that travel to developing countries to do these free cleft repair surgeries. 


Southside Woman’s Club Jax Turns 104!


A legacy of community spirit and generosity continues as Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville celebrated it’s 104th birthday in November 2017! Not only did our members “pack-the-SUV” full of food, gift cards, and school supplies for Greenfield Elementary School, but we also made financial donations to the underserved, “English Second-Language” school and to the “Friends of Jacksonville Animals,” an organization serving as animal advocates and partners with Jacksonville’s Animal Control and Protective Services. Let’s just say, Murray, the dog, was disappointed the cake was not for him!


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