GFWC Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville "Women Inspiring Community Spirit"
     GFWCSouthside Woman's Club of Jacksonville "Women Inspiring Community Spirit"      


SWCJAX had a Great Arts & Crafts Competition!!!

What talented Ladies we have! (Nearly every catagory had an entry or two.) Anne won the "Member's Choice" Award, Yvonne won the "Judges Choice" Award & our "Group Project" won the "President's Choice" Award. Now on to the District 4 Competition in Palatka, FL, in February!!! Good Luck, Ladies!!!

SWCJAX Makes the Holidays All About Giving!!!

We collected wrapped gifts for children at Greenfield Elementary School, who would otherwise have NO presents under the tree!!!  We also collected "Coats for the Homeless" that were taken to a local homeless shelter for distribution. Thank You for all the support, Ladies!

SWCJAX is all about giving back!!!

We filled the SUV for Greenfield Elementary School!!!  Thank You for all the support! The representative from Greenfield shared how the children benefit from all our generosity.

Our SWCJAX BOD celebrated Julie Babcock’s Birthday during their recent Board Meeting 

SWCJAX Book Club News!!! 
   Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, December 8th, at 11:30 a.m. The book to read is “Carnegie's Maid” by Marie Benedict. We changed the date since the November meeting would have been too close to Thanksgiving. So, the November meeting will be held on December 8th, but no future meeting in December. The next meeting will be in January, 2022 and we’ll send out a notice prior to that time, along with the book to read. If this sounds like a group you would be interested in, give Jac –  207-730-1659 or Cathy – 904-525-3890 a call and they will get you to the right ladies!!!

SWCJAX goes to GFWC FL D4 District Meeting in Fernandina

    It was a beautiful day for our D4 Meeting in Fernandina. Our Club had 8 ladies who made the was great & the fellowship wonderful!!!

GFWC FL Southside Woman’s Club of Jax works on our Group Project for the Arts & Crafts Competition in January...Shhhh! TOP SECRET!!!

    What a wonderful TIME WAS HAD BY ALL as everyone learned something new & let their creative juices flow!

GFWC FL Southside Woman’s Club of Jax Gets in the "High Tea" Spirit for Open House

    What a wonderful SWCJAX Open House/High Tea!!!  The tables looked lovely. The food was just perfect! We all enjoyed learning about tea and scarves. Congratulations to Connie for guessing the most teas and to the table with 59 words! Special thanks to the venue committee for working on the menu and to Jac/Connie/Janice/Marsha who helped decorate the tables.  And to Shannon with her tea assortment that had us guessing! Our teapot winners were Carol & Janice. And Cathy walked away with our 50/50.  Thank you to all who took the time to “Dress the Role”…you all looked lovely!

D4 Director, Deborah Johnson, Inductees Our GFWC FL SWCJAX 2021-2022 Officers

President                     Jac Littlefield

1st Vice President       Janet Deloach

2nd Vice President     Cathy Stringer

3rd Vice President      Sandy Marshall

Treasurer                     Alice Mound

Finance Director         Christine Flora

Membership &


Director                       Shannon Sigman

Recording Secretary  Yvonne Caldwell

Publicity                      Kim Owens

Parliamentarian          Julie Babcock

President’s Aide         Marsha Ingram



Thank You Flamingo-Themed Gifts

for D4 Director, Deborah Johnson

SWCJAX Members had a “Happy Days” Time at this Year’s GFWC FL Spring Convention in Orlando! Plus, out of the 19 pieces of Arts & Crafts we took to State, 13 won ribbons...
remarkable, Ladies!!! Special Thanks to Cheryl Avery & Rose Marie Nesbitt for all they do for Our Club! 

GFWC FL Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville had lots of fun…fun…fun.

All while combining Arts & Culture, Environment and Civic Engagement & Outreach as we created our diverse “Corky Angels” out of recycled/repurposed items. We will be giving these cute “Corky Angels” to a local assisted living facility in honor of one our beloved members, who passed away this year. A poem tag was included with each one: An Angel has been sent your way, to bring a smile & brighten your day! What a great way to have fun giving back to the community!!! 

GFWC FL Southside Woman’s Club of Jax Present Eye Exam & Glasses Vouchers to Greenfield Elementary School

  Our Greenfield Elementary liaison, Debbie Owen, gladly received 11 vouchers for free eye exams & glasses, provided by America’s Best, for 11 financially needy children. This ongoing project is part of our “Envision the Future” campaign and is in conjunction with the GFWC FL President’s Project. Our Club has worked tirelessly to establish a community partner and in obtaining these vouchers. We will also be providing an additional pair of glasses and arrange to have these glasses serviced. It is our hope to build relationships between these students and our community partners to ensure that these students’ vision health is maintained throughout their educational years. Our Club has raised over $1000 towards purchasing a second pair of glasses, repairs and replacement glasses. This is the most important project we have worked on thus far. It is so important because children need to SEE to be productive students.

GFWC FL Southside Woman’s Club of Jax Members Make Meals to Help Feed Jacksonville!


SWC of Jax Members volunteered and helped package the Macaroni & Cheese packets which will be distributed throughout Jacksonville as part of the Hunger Fight. Hunger Fight was founded in 2012 in Jacksonville FL and they produce and distribute shelf-stable meals that are flavorful, nutritious, and easy to prepare in boiling water to those at risk for hunger in our community.  This organization has packed to date 9,739,474 meals.   


GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Plants Our First Little Free Library!


GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville did NOT let COVID 19 or quarantine orders keep us from last project for the year.  Sandy Marshall had an idea & suggested that we install our very first “Little FREE Library!” So a kit was ordered! The box was constructed & cheerfully decorated by our President Julie Babcock.  Her friend helped us “plant” our library at the corner of Oriental Gardens & Hendricks Avenue, in the San Marco section of Jacksonville. Nine members were there, masked, and books in hand to stock it.  We enjoyed the beautiful day & the interest our little library has already generated!!! What a fun, happy project that we hope continues to instill the love of books in parents and children alike. We are thankful that Sandy has graciously agreed to maintain this addition to our community’s educational efforts! Great Job All!!!

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jax Participates in the November 1st Honoring of May Mann Jennings

Six of our Club Members, (Julie, Alice Jac, Marsha, Carol and Kelly) had the privilege of attending the November 1st event honoring May Mann Jennings at the historic Evergreen Cemetery. It was a lovely tribute, rich in history, sponsored by District 4 and led by our own District Director, Theresa Crockett. Afternoon Tea was held at the Riverdale Inn for the 28 in attendance.  We all walked away with an enhanced picture of our GFWC past and with additional knowledge making us all proud to be members of GFWC! 

District 4 - We do More!!!    

SSWC of Jax Partners with St. Johns Riverkeeper to Send 72 Greenfield Elementary 5th Graders on a Learning Experience of a Lifetime!


Southside Women’s Club of Jacksonville loves partnering with St. Johns Riverkeeper, an organization that makes a difference in the life of our river through advocacy and education. Because of our generous donation, we were able to provide a unique learning opportunity for Greenfield Elementary 5th graders. Our donation helped pay for 72 students to go out and learn about their St. Johns River through hands-on educational activities. Because of local school district budget cuts, this educational experience has been eliminated. Our Club provided the funds to Riverkeeper, on behalf of Greenfield--an underserved elementary school in our area, to continue this valuable learning activity. It was a perfect day to be out on the water. Students became scientists studying the salinity of the river and discussing how it changes throughout the watershed and on a daily basis through the water cycle. They learned about native plants and animals and how an ecosystem is interconnected through food, water, shelter, and air and were able to observe the river and document animals/human interactions with the St. Johns. The students had a great time and really engaged with the program activities. Southside Woman’s Club of Jax is looking forward to continuing this great learning experience, by continuing to partner with St. Johns Riverkeeper, providing this unique experience for future 5th graders!

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