GFWC Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville "Women Inspiring Community Spirit"
     GFWCSouthside Woman's Club of Jacksonville "Women Inspiring Community Spirit"      


GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Plants Our First Little Free Library!


GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville did NOT let COVID 19 or quarantine orders keep us from last project for the year.  Sandy Marshall had an idea & suggested that we install our very first “Little FREE Library!” So a kit was ordered! The box was constructed & cheerfully decorated by our President Julie Babcock.  Her friend helped us “plant” our library at the corner of Oriental Gardens & Hendricks Avenue, in the San Marco section of Jacksonville. Nine members were there, masked, and books in hand to stock it.  We enjoyed the beautiful day & the interest our little library has already generated!!! What a fun, happy project that we hope continues to instill the love of books in parents and children alike. We are thankful that Sandy has graciously agreed to maintain this addition to our community’s educational efforts! Great Job All!!!

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Building Our First Little Free Library!


SWC of Jax is always ready to serve our community. During the recent “Stay Home” Order due to the COVID 19 outbreak in our country, people rediscovered the joy of reading. This inspired our own Sandy Marshall to take the initiative in doing all the research and getting the appropriate permission needed to install our very first Little Free Library. Julie Babcock went on Amazon, found one, bought it and is now in the process of creatively painting it. The “SWCJAX1 Little Free Library” location is going to be San Jose and Oriental Gardens near San Marco. As we move forward on this project, arrangements have been made to put this in the ground by middle of the summer. If any one has books to contribute, let Julie know. Sandy has agreed to maintain this new local treasure-chest. We are very excited about this project and look forward to this being the first of many.


Just Keep Zooming! 

The Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Board of Directors met virtually to keep business moving forward in our Club! What a great SUCCESS!!! We presented our President, Julie Babcock, with a gift earlier this week & (OF COURSE) made her wait for all to see as she unwrapped her new i-Pad bag LIVE. We have determined a theme for our Open House in September...but will keep that under our hats for a while...

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville 2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients


It is our pleasure to announce our 2020 Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Scholarships recipients for graduating high school seniors:  


Adrianna Negron              To attend: University of North Florida 


Liyah King                          To attend:  Florida Gold Coast, Ft Myers 


Margaret Szcuzkowski     To attend:  University of South Florida 


Our “Sandy Marshall Extended Education Award” Scholarship recipient for awarded to someone going back to school:


Abigail Varnadoe                To attend:  Florida State University   


We were able to award $1,500 for each student to their choice of college. Special “thanks” to our Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, Christine Flora, and her committee for their hard work via phone and email at a time where they would normally meet at numerous times over several months, due to the "stay at home" order from the COVID 19 outbreak.

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville 2020-2021 Board of Directors Approved


President:                         Julie Babcock

First Vice President:       Janet DeLoach

Second Vice President:  Cathy Stringer

Third Vice President:     Carol Nikielski

Recording Secretary:      Yvonne Caldwell 

Treasurer:                        Alice Mound          

Membership Secretary: Vacant

   (Jac Littlefield will Chair this as a Committee for now)

Finance Director:             Cathy Stringer


Appointed Positions:

   Publicity Chairman — Kim Owens

   Parliamentarian — Terry Rudman

   President’s Aide — Marsha Ingram

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Meetings Postponed Due to the Coronavirus

STAY Safe...STAY Informed!!!

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jax, a big winner at the D4 Arts & Crafts Competition in Fernandina!!! 

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Board Mixing Business with Pleasure & THE ARTS!!!

Our Board had a unique opportunity to enjoy multi-cultural art exhibit embracing diversity, held at our President’s Church, Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church. It was a great chance to share art and culture together.

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville getting our Mardi Gras ON @ the D4 Meeting in Fernandina!!! 

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Arts & Crafts Competition was a GREAT Time for Fun & Fellowship & Friendly Competition!!!

We had a great turnout for our 2020 Art & Crafts Competition! Congrats to EVERYONE...our Group Project (SEE BELOW in August) won the President’s Choice as well as the People Choice & Cathy’s birdfeeder (recycled materials) won the Judges Choice-Best of Show!

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Gives BIG SMILES! 

Our Smiles Christmas Giving Tree was a great success. Each Club Member made a donation in honor of someone this Christmas Season. Gifts from $5 to $250 were collected and colorful bells were used, along with a gift tag on each. Our Club gave over $1355 for Smile Gifts, to give 5.5 Life-Changing Smiles this Christmas Season! Way to Give, Girls!!! To date, our Club has raised and donated money for 19 Smiles in conjunction with GFWC Florida President’s Special Project. Thank You, Kim, for spearheading this campaign!!!

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Joins with Other D4 Ladies to Visit St. Augustine School of the Deaf & Blind.  

This field trip to visit the facility was certainly appropriate for this time of the year - a time to be thankful.  Our Club members were able to support the Arts by viewing one of the School’s performances and by giving a generous donation, as well. Our members also bought poinsettias (for just $5 each) that were grown by the students of the school!!! Those kids are the blessed ones and our Club Members were blessed to be there with them. Tears were shed more than one time on a day like that!!!

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Brings Comfort to Hubbard House 

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville had the opportunity to tour Hubbard House, a local “Safe Place” for battered people and their children. Our Club brought COMFORT to these victims in the form of lap blankets that was knitted from the yarn donated by our Club Members. The actual housing facility of the survivors is SECRET, of course. Hubbard House was founded because of the realization of our area’s high crime rate with domestic violence.  They recognized a great need in our community for a place to be a sanctuary from the cycle of abuse (men and women, mostly women.) Hubbard House houses between 160 and 180 people at a time. The housing for these victims comes from grants, but that covers only part of the expenses needed to run such an effective facility. That’s where the Hubbard House Thrift Store comes in. It is a place to raise money, employ past victims and create awareness in our community for the good they do. The goal of Hubbard House is to educate these victims and empower them to break the cycle of abuse that often ends in death. We are proud to partner with such a great organization!


GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville turned 106 this month & how did we celebrate? By giving to Greenfield Elementary School, an under-served English Second Language (ESL) School in our area. 

We filled up an SUV with school supplies and food. During the upcoming long holiday weekend, many children in this school go hungry, due to the missed meals the school normally provides. Our Club Members also donated gift cards, to help with meat, dairy products and fresh vegetables. Our Club gave monetary donation to be used where it will be most helpful! It was also an chance to brainstorm about how we can partner with this ESL school to bring educational opportunities to their students and parents. The staff from Greenfield was overwhelmed by our Club’s generosity.


GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville took advantage of the old saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” last weekend, as we held a Club-Wide Garage Sale to raise money for the NE Florida Families of Fallen Officers.

Our ladies asked friends & family to join the cause by donating to our HUGE 2-day sale. People at the sale were eager help by often telling us to “keep the change” since it was for such a needed cause. A special “Thank You” to Sandy for opening up your home for our event! We raised over $1,500!!! Good Work, Ladies!!!  

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jax Participates in the November 1st Honoring of May Mann Jennings

Six of our Club Members, (Julie, Alice Jac, Marsha, Carol and Kelly) had the privilege of attending the November 1st event honoring May Mann Jennings at the historic Evergreen Cemetery. It was a lovely tribute, rich in history, sponsored by District 4 and led by our own District Director, Theresa Crockett. Afternoon Tea was held at the Riverdale Inn for the 28 in attendance.  We all walked away with an enhanced picture of our GFWC past and with additional knowledge making us all proud to be members of GFWC! 

District 4 - We do More!!!    

Seven GFWC FL Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Attend the D4 Meeting in Lake City!

Theresa Crockett did an awesome job with the meeting, reminding us of our Federation roots- looking ahead to Aug. 26,2020 - 100 years of the "Right to Vote" for Women. (19th Amendment). We welcomed the new GFWC President Elect Dianne Foerster and Director Elect of the Junior Clubs, Candice Postel. The theme of the meeting centered around the ABC Blocks = All Be Concerned. 

   • Service Day for District 4 is December 6. Stay tuned for more details on this.

   • We elected a new Director for District 4 for 2020-2022- Debbie Johnson ! 

   • Julie spoke on behalf of our Club, listing our accomplishments. 

It's a great way to connect & hear about all the wonderful things that District 4 is doing! 

District 4 - We do More!!    Rocking the teal t-shirts !!

GFWC FL Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Have Lots Fun While Expanding Their Creative Wings!!

Just in time for the 2020 SWC of Jax Arts and Crafts Competition, several of our ladies and their guests, spread their creative wings to try something new: wreath making!!! Our Club Member, Elaine, graciously opened her home and we had about 10 attending wreath making event.  A special "Thanks" to Marsha for generating the idea, and to all who attended. It was a fun afternoon filled with good food & drink & friend-time! And just look at these gorgeous wreaths!!! Special thanks to Cecy Webb (Craft-Lady Extraordinaire) and a Hello to a new member of SWC of Jax, Gloria Salmon, who attended.

GFWC FL Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Supports the Americans for Prosperity Grand Opening in North Florida!!

The GFWC FL SWC of Jax was proud to support one of our youngest members, Gillian Castillo, and the organization she represents, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), during their recent Grand Opening Event the first weekend of October 2019. Not only is Gillian a well-informed asset to our Club, she is also an accomplished Belgian Waffle Chef, running 3 waffle makers at 1 time! AFP is all about ACTION…so NATURALLY we jumped on the opportunity to build relationships with this grassroots non-profit from day one! Several of our members learned of ways we can help connect the people in our community we already serve with this valuable new resource. We learned from some of the organizations that AFP advocates for, including Concerned Veterans for America and The Libre Institute. These organizations work with AFP in promoting ways to educate the general public about public policies and helping people live the American Dream! We look forward to partnering with AFP to enrich our community!!!

GFWC SWC of Jax “Saddled Up for Smiles” at the GFWC FL Fall Board of Director’s Meeting!

We had 6 gals who moseyed on down to Orlando for a Boot-Scootin’ good time at this year’s GFWC FL Fall Boards! Julie, Cathy, Gillian, Janet, Kim and Alice M. enjoyed meeting new Federation Ladies and District 4 Sisters during the Friday Night Get-Togethers.

     Saturday was an excellent time for learning to hone our GFWC skills through informative workshops. At lunch, we learned how to wrangle joy and balance in our lives. The lack of joy in our lives comes from Isolation, Stress, Exhaustion, Staying Indoors, Withholding Your Talents, and Eating Processed Foods. We will find our joy when we replace those negative contributors with these GOOD lifestyle choices: Being in Community, Finding Pleasure, Proper Sleep, Getting Plenty of Sunlight and Nature, Making Contributions to Society Using Your Skills, and Eating Natural Foods. During the Scrapbook Competition, Our Club took home the 2nd Place Ribbon…Great job Marion, Kim and Janet!!! D4 REALLY did represent during the State Competition: Macclenny taking 1st, SWC Jax 2nd and Palatka winning the President’s Choice Award!

     Our Saturday Night “Boots and Bling” Dinner and Boot Scootin’ Fun Night was a “YawHoo” good time! We had The Andrew Morris Band at our table, which certainly encouraged us to raise our light-up boot glasses in cheers and to boogie the night away! 

     Sunday Morning brought more helpful workshops and a “50 Years of Sesame Street Round-Up Luncheon!” If you have NEVER BEEN to GFWC FL Fall Boards, make plans to go NEXT SEPTEMBER! It is ALAWAYS a great experience!!!

Getting the SCOOP on GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville!

What a great day at our Open House Event. We all got the “scoop” on SWC of Jax while eating ice cream on a hot September day! It was a time to relax, enjoy the day together, meet new friends & hug olds ones. We were able to present Greenfield Elementary School (via Club Member Debbie Owen) with supplies our Club members from our “Dignity for Kids” Campaign, which where collected through out the summer, including school supplies, personal hygiene products & clothing for these under-served children. Arica Anderson, our “Sandra Marshall Extended Education Scholarship” recipient, was in attendance our tell everyone “Thank You”!!!

GFWC Southside of Jax Scrapbook Wins Second Place in GFWC District 4 !

Our SWC of Jax’s Scrapbook won second place at the District 4 August Meeting in Orange Park. We are proud of the work that Marion, Kim & Janet put in this year to make our Scrapbook extraordinary! Our new President Julie was there, along with Janet, to learn & cheer SWC of Jax on!!! It’s always great to see our D4 Director, Theresa Crockett, in action. The lovey eagles were painted by Jane Mason. They will be raffled off with proceeds to go to the Conservation project in the Everglades.

GFWC Southside of Jacksonville Beats the Summer Heat by Working on Our COOL Group Arts & Crafts Project!

When it’s 95, feels like 107 degrees, it’s a great day to color (and just have fun with our SWC of Jax sisters) INSIDE to beat the heat! Cheryl and RoseMarie had worked tirelessly to prepare this group Arts and Crafts Project, that will be auctioned off this year for the charities we support. After a brief lesson, our ladies jumped right in...even using their personal devices to research the actual color schemes needed! We can’t wait to see the final project when it is completed!!!

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jax Volunteers to Help Fight Hunger in Our Area


Several members of SWC of JAX teamed up with others at Hunger Fight’s "Feed the Backpacks" Packing Event on July 27th.


The goal of the Feed the Backpacks Initiative is to provide Title 1 elementary students in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia a nutritious meal to take home every weekend of the school year to keep them healthy, focused and ready to learn.


During this Meal Packing Event volunteers packaged Hunger Fight meals. A table of ten participants, in assembly line style: 1) measured the ingredients; 2) filled the bag; and, 3) sealed the bag. It was a fun, motivational and fulfilling way to serve those in need, with every meal packed going to benefit food insecure children and families.

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Announces our 2019-2020 Scholarship Winners


We chose Amber Elphick as our high school recipient of the scholarship award because she is dedicated to helping the community to become a better place.  She volunteers for beach clean-up, big brothers/big sisters and many other local charities.  Her goal is to become a teacher and will be attending UNF to work toward achieving this goal.


We chose Arica Anderson for the Sandra Marshall Extended Education Scholarship because of her compassion and desire to become a nurse and "healer."  Her daughter became very ill at one year old and that's when she realized that she wanted to become a nurse and return to school.  She will be attending Florida State College Jacksonville!


We wish them both the best of luck.


Our NEW "Sandra Marshall Extended Education Scholarship Fund"


Our 2011-2019 Club President, Sandy Marshall, was inspired at a GFWC Florida District 4 meeting, by one of fellow D4 club members, when they shared about their Extended Education Fund.  Our Club already has a Scholarship Fund for those individuals who go to a Duval County Public High School and plan to attend a Florida college.  


Sandy outlined and presented to our Club that she would like to see our Club create a fund that would help an individual, who is going back to school, to continue their education.  For example, perhaps, for one reason or an other, there was a lapse in the educational process or an inability to finish the quest for higher education.  Middle-aged was a target population for being a recipient of this scholarship.  We created this “Sandy Marshall Extended Education Scholarship Fund” for the 2019-2020 season and we awarded Arica Anderson with a $1,500.00 scholarship to further her education in the nursing at FSCJ.


GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Inspires Smiles


What makes us smile? Donating to “Operation Smiles” using our Smile Cans!!! We have collected change, folding money and checks for 2 more “smiles” since May! What else makes us smile? Having all our Members & Guests create “smiley face” stickie-note art to be used in our Club Scrapbook!!! We love all the creative ideas on “What makes YOU smile” hand-written on the poster boards!

Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville is Ready for the 2019-2020 Year with the Induction of Their New Board of Directors!


Welcome, SWC Board of Directors 2019-2020! Thank you, Theresa Crockett, for inducting our Officers. Julie Cheves Babcock, President; Janet DeLoach, 1st Vice President; Cathy Stringer, 2nd Vice President; Carol Nikielski, 3rd Vice President; Marsha Ingram, Recording Secretary; Jacinta Littlefield (Jac), Membership/Correspondence; and Alice Mound, Treasurer. Not pictured, Sandra Marshall, Finance Director; Kim Weeks Owens, Publicity; and Terry Rudman, Parliamentarian.

SSWC of Jax Partners with St. Johns Riverkeeper to Send 72 Greenfield Elementary 5th Graders on a Learning Experience of a Lifetime!


Southside Women’s Club of Jacksonville loves partnering with St. Johns Riverkeeper, an organization that makes a difference in the life of our river through advocacy and education. Because of our generous donation, we were able to provide a unique learning opportunity for Greenfield Elementary 5th graders. Our donation helped pay for 72 students to go out and learn about their St. Johns River through hands-on educational activities. Because of local school district budget cuts, this educational experience has been eliminated. Our Club provided the funds to Riverkeeper, on behalf of Greenfield--an underserved elementary school in our area, to continue this valuable learning activity. It was a perfect day to be out on the water. Students became scientists studying the salinity of the river and discussing how it changes throughout the watershed and on a daily basis through the water cycle. They learned about native plants and animals and how an ecosystem is interconnected through food, water, shelter, and air and were able to observe the river and document animals/human interactions with the St. Johns. The students had a great time and really engaged with the program activities. Southside Woman’s Club of Jax is looking forward to continuing this great learning experience, by continuing to partner with St. Johns Riverkeeper, providing this unique experience for future 5th graders!

SSWC of Jax sends 7 to GFWC FL State Convention in Orlando, FL, April 5-7, 2019!


Our Members were "Wild about Smiles" as seven of them incorporated the GFWC Way into our Club during 2019 GFWC FL State Convention. Our Club received recogition for 105 Years of Service, 3rd Place Statewide for Communications/PR and our Yearbook, and won 8 ribbons during the Arts & Crafts Competition. Way to go, Ladies!!!!

Looking keen dressed all in green!


Getting into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, our ladies dressed  in diverse shades of green symboling the diverse women of SSWC Jax!!!

SSWC of Jax Exceeds Goal of Giving 5 "Smiles" for a Total of 9!


In keeping with the GFWC Florida State President’s Project "Operation Smile," our Club had the opportunity to CHANGE THE LIVES OF CHILDREN & ADULTS throughout the world, that suffer from major dental issues like cleft palate. Our Club’s goals was to collect enough money to pay for 5 surgeries at $240 each or a total of $1,200.  We exceeded this goal by giving enough to give 6 smiles!!! Our Club’s Charity Committee had earmarked money for this project, also, so our Club will be able to give a TOTAL OF 9 SMILES...$2,160WAY TO GIVE GIRLS!!!

SSWC of Jax is Proud to Support Hope Haven and Their Efforts to Provide Our Community's Families with Advocacy and Hope!


Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville enjoyed a presentation by Hope Haven, where HOPE transforms families lives. From evaluation/therapy to advocacy to helping parents with special needs children, Hope Haven has been an icon in Jacksonville for years. Thousands of lives have been impacted by the support Hope Haven gives families of children with birth defects, catastophic diseases and learning disabilities. Our Club is proud to partner with such a community-minded group!

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