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     GFWC FLSouthside Woman's Club of Jacksonville "Women Inspiring Community Spirit"      

GFWC Florida Fun

GFWC FL Spring Convention Fun in Orlando
Nine SWCJAX Members attended the 2024 GFWC FL Spring Convention. Our Club did extremely well in State Awards! Congratulations to ALL the winners! But just as importantly, we had fun & enjoyed each other’s and our GFWC Sisters’ fellowship! During our Friday Night Dinner at Jack’s at the hotel, we supported the Arts by having an artist do a quick caricature drawing of some of us, which has been a long-standing tradition at the Rosen. 
Photo Key: A) Lauralyn Popp; B) Jac Littlefield; C) Cathy Springer; D) Alice Mound; E) Kim Owens; F) Connie Buttlar; G) Elizabet van Rensburg; 
H) Cheryl Avery; I) Rose Marie Nesbitt; and J) Julie Babcock
Plan on joining us next year!!!
Out-of-this-World GFWC-FL Fall Boards in Orlando
Julie, Jac, Cathy, Alice, Kim and Connie all spent the weekend learning more about GFWC by attending meetings, giving LOTS of proceeds to Camp Boggy Creek (this terms GFWC FL President's Special Project) and having Out-of-this-World FUN! 
Plan on joining us next year!!!


May 15, 2024
@ 11am
Country Club!!!

For more information or
to reserve your spot, call
Cathy  (904-525-3890) or
Jac (207-730-1659).

Be Sure to Mark Your Calendar for These Upcoming Events...

•    May 15, 2024 (Wednesday) – Our last SWCJAX General Meeting

•    September 19, 2024 – SWCJAX Open House “Traveling Around the Globe!”

The Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville’s will be having an on-line NUTS & CANDY Sale as a Fundraising Project...the money raised will go to support Florida School of the Deaf & Blind in St. Augustine.

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