GFWC FL Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville "Women Inspiring Community Spirit"
     GFWC FLSouthside Woman's Club of Jacksonville "Women Inspiring Community Spirit"      

History by the Decades

1991 - 2000

1990-92    Our club expanded our Scholarship program to nine college scholarships. Educable Children’s Parties were given at Christmas and Easter each year.  1991 saw our country involved in "Desert Storm", a war that brought our country back together. Helen Spilker was honored by being named the "Volunteer of the Year" by those in FFWC District 4. Two Fashion Shows were presented with all monies put into Scholarship Fund. Numerous awards were won at FFWC Convention for Reports and in Arts and Crafts. This club hosted the FFWC Officers Tour in October, 1991. The canopy was replaced, new foyer rugs were purchased, parking signs were placed at the front of the building, ceiling tiles were replaced in the foyer and painting was done inside and outside the clubhouse.

1992-93    In 1977 mortgage was paid off! A new ice machine and kitchen stove were installed. Menu boards for the snack bar were replaced. Two new directional signs (one on Beach Blvd. and one in front of clubhouse) were erected. The clubhouse grounds were beautified with shrubbery planted around the building and the grounds cleared. The plumbing in the kitchen was brought up to meet health standards. The stage was refinished and the doors below were re-hung with hinges and then painted. Membership increased. Awards were won from both FFWC and the District, "Have a Heart for Children" won our club first place in State with a beautiful plaque. A large donation of clothing and money was donated to the children/victims of Hurricane Andrew.

1993-94     Changed from private to city garbage collection with a savings of $3,000 per year.  New energy efficient fluorescent bulbs were installed; and all bingo equipment, including monitors, replaced. Six new chairs for bingo workers and fifty new chairs for seating purchased. Bingo police security increased inside clubhouse and in the parking lot. A roofing savings account was established. Clubhouse auditorium, kitchen and back hall painted. A vapor light installed at back steps. Nine scholarships ($4,000) awarded and $4,756 in other charitable donations made. Eighteen awards received from FFWC and District 4 in many areas. GFWC added to our club name making it GFWC Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville, Inc.

1994-95    A "Historical Tree" Treaty Oak seedling was planted on the Club's grounds for Arbor Day. A new floor scrubber was purchased. The clubhouse was completely painted outside and a new roof installed. A new awning was installed at the front door with the Club's name imprinted facing the street. The parking lot lights were expanded for safety purposes. The bingo storage room was enlarged. Three portable microphones were added, together with a spare amplifier. New library started at St.

Catherine LaBourne Manor. Vertical blinds installed in Boardroom and Small Auditorium. Twenty azaleas donated and planted in the front of the clubhouse in honor of the 1994-95 Executive Board Members and the Committee Chairmen. Charitable donations to FFWC and local organizations amounted to over $4,000. Payments to scholarship recipients were $5, OOO and six new students were given scholarships ($500) per semester bringing the total scholarships awarded back up to nine. Awards from FFWC -Six, Civic Round Table - First Place as the Outstanding Charitable Organization: Outstanding Excellence Award from Jaxpride. The President was honored at the FFWC Centennial Convention as One of 100 Women who "Made a Difference'.

1995-96     Purchased a new copy machine. The foyer was decorated. The 30-ton air conditioner was replaced with two (2) 15-ton due to lightning. Contributions were made to 51 local and FFWC charitable organizations in the amount of $15,250.00.  $7, 600 was given in scholarships to nine (9) students to further their education. New bingo workers' chairs were purchased. All necessary roof repairs were completed. New hand rails and a vapor light were installed to further enhance the parking lot. Bylaws were updated and additions were made to the Standing Rules.

1996-97    The interior of our clubhouse was painted, air-conditioning ducts repaired, ceiling tiles replaced, new ceiling bulbs with new plastic covers installed and a large exhaust fan installed. A new phone system including a fax machine was installed. Septic tank repairs were made and the gravel bed replaced and shrubbery planted around the perimeter. One hundred fifty chairs and six banquet tables were purchased. A book cart for our library at St. Catherine's LaBourne was purchased. Four silk trees were purchased for the stage and thirty-one banquet and twelve card table tablecloths were made by our members. New recessed lights installed in the club office. Most important is that during the fiscal year we contributed a total of $59,618.00 from the Charitable and Educational Foundation.

1997-98     We purchased a new kitchen commercial refrigerator, microphone system for bingo, a new upright freezer, a large ice caddy as well as a 600-lb. ice maker, rewired the parking lot purchased a floor buffer and vacuum cleaner, a paper shredder and adding machine for the office. The entrance foyer was redecorated with a new table, mirror, lamp, sconces and a beautiful picture.

1998-99     The pavement in front of our building was resurfaced and the entire parking lot was repaved. A computer system along with compatible furniture was purchased for the office. The garden at the front entrance was completely landscaped.

1999-2000     At the 1999-2000 Convention held in Orlando we received four 1st place awards  -Education; HOBY; Public Affairs - Safety; Public Affairs -Crime Prevention; and fundraising; along with a most prestigious award of the Arts for a china painting by Mary Mapes. We enhanced our lobby and Boardroom with new carpeting and completely refurnished both areas. We entered the New Millennium without mishap despite dire warnings of doom!


SWCJAX River Cruise on Wednesday, May 8 at 2:30PM.
 This 1-hour narrated cruise on the river costs just $18. We will have a sign up sheet at the Meeting on Thursday, April 18. Great opportunity to invite a friend!!! Enjoy an educational and informative cruise on the St. Johns. Learn a brief history about Jacksonville and its relationship to the St. Johns River. Get a close look at the wildlife that abounds in the downtown area. Boarding is 10 minutes prior to published departures. We depart from Doubletree Hotel Dock, 32207. (Behind Doubletree Hotel/Ruth Chris Southbank)


April 18, 2024
@ 11am
Country Club!!!

For more information or
to reserve your spot, call
Cathy  (904-525-3890) or
Jac (207-730-1659).

Be sure to bring in your

“Change for the Good”

every Club General Meeting, as we challenge ourselves to reach Our Goal of $500!!!

Be Sure to Mark Your Calendar for These Upcoming Events...

•    April 12-15, 2024 – GFWC Florida Convention, Rosen Plaza, Orlando, Florida
•    April 18, 2024 –  SWCJAX General Meeting
•    April 19, 2024 – GFWC District 4 Meeting – Green Cove Springs – Federation Day/Elizabeth's last meeting
•    May 15, 2024 (Wednesday) – Our last SWCJAX General Meeting

The Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville’s will be having an on-line NUTS & CANDY Sale as a Fundraising Project...the money raised will go to support Florida School of the Deaf & Blind in St. Augustine.

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“Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same.”                     Helen Keller

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