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SWCJAX April 2024 Speaker, Lisa Rowell, Educates Members about Wildlife Rescue!!!

Kim Owens introduced our Club to the importance of organizations that help protect and reacclimate animals back into the wild. Our special guest speaker, Lisa Rowell, the Director of WRC, has first hand knowledge of what is happening in NE Florida that requires such immediate attention. Over-development is a big reason that wildlife is being pushed out of their homes. Lisa has been the Director of WRC for about 2½ years. She and her family moved the WRC headquarters onto their personal property where they set aside 4 acres. (The previous location had become dilapidated with time.) WRC has received donations to buy two buildings, for medical and intake use. They are continually updating the enclosures and maintaining the buildings, with the help of volunteers. Lisa hopes to do more fundraising events on the property. She noted that most kids today have very little access to natural settings, such as woods and animals. She would like to do more camps/educational programs for kids in the summer. A key part of their mission is to ensure respect for all wildlife. Last year they took in 300 animals. This year it appears it will be more. They have a support system where other people also house animals and give them one-on-one care until the time they are being prepped to be re-released into the wild. They have 2 vets that work with them when a vet is needed. They keep detailed records on each animal, and cannot keep one for more than 6 months. Most wildlife does not want to attack humans. Lisa has never been attacked by an animal in their care. Many animals are hit by cars and require rehab. They currently have foxes and fox pups, and baby otters. Foster “parents” are trained carefully. They are currently not licensed to do birds. They are always looking for more volunteers – fosters and center volunteers to work at the center, and “uber” drivers to transport animals. All staff are volunteers, and they receive no state or federal funding. Jac Littlefield presented Lisa with a check from SWCJAX. It is always a pleasure to partner with such great organizations in our area!!! D4 Director Elizabeth van Rensburg wants D4 to get more involved as well...Win-Win for the animals!

SWCJAX Plays BUNCO and Raises $200 for GFWC State of Florida Disaster Relief!!!

Special Thanks to Sandy Marshall for leanding us her lovely home!!! 

SWCJAX Plays BINGO to Help Lake Shore Woman's Club Building Renovations!!!




   Our own, Karen Smith, spoke at our February meeting about stress management. She provided handouts for questions to determine your level of stress. If your score is below 6, you are not stressed. Anything over 13 indicates stress may be too big in your life. If over 18 you really need to do something to change your life. Stress is not only mental, but it is physical. Your body reacts to stress. It is your body’s response to some type of danger. Cortisol is the stress hormone produced by your body. There are environmental, social, personal, physical/illness creators of stress. When you are stressed Cortisol shoots into your adrenal gland. Stress can cause heart disease, stroke, increased blood pressure and other physical problems. She used an analogy of a Cave Man running into a saber-toothed tiger. Your body would react by focusing on your strength and eyesight, and paying less attention other functions. Today many people let minor things have the impact of an encounter with a saber-toothed tiger. Karen also provided a sheet with ways to reduce stress, which include exercise, supplements such as lemon balm and aromatherapy, and some teas. It may help to reduce caffeine intake or to chew gum. Each person needs to know their limits, and when to say no. For some people pets relieve stress. For some people meditation can relieve stress. Cuddling with your family is a stress reliever. Getting enough sleep and time management are both important. Karen had us participate in simple chair yoga exercises which can help relieve stress. 

SWCJAX Learns about Atrial Fibrillation!!!

Special Thanks to Yvonne Caldwell for speaking to us at our January meeting about Atrial Fibrillation…great information to take to heart!!! Yvonne shared that a normal heart has 4 chambers. If normal electrical signals are disrupted, the chambers do not work properly to move blood through the body. AFib can be diagnosed via an ECG but if a person is not episodic during the ECG the condition could be missed. This can cause a blood clot that can go to the brain. There are multiple treatments for this condition such as cardioversion or ablation.   

A HUGE “Thank You” to ALL who purchased the single sheet sets for Camp Boggy Creek as a SPECIAL D4 Project! Special delivery by Cheryl Avery!!!

SWCJAX 2023 Garden Party Open House was a Huge Success

Our Club opened our year with a Garden Party filled with fun, food & FLOWERS! We played Garden Bingo, worked on our group quilt, packed 5 bins for First Responders with snacks, enjoyed great food and fellowship with friends. "Thank You" to Theresa C. who brought us information how to stay informed on state legislations that interest or affect GFWC FL. Special thanks to Elizabeth, our D4 Director for calling our Bingo game...AND congratulations, Elizabeth, on your new quilt, raffled off to benefit Camp Boggy Creek (won by our own Terry & generously given to Elizabeth...sisterly LOVE!)

SWCJAX Book Club Members Earn ESO Certificates

Left to right: Marsha Ingram, Janet Schwarz, Flo Spragg, Carol Nikielski, Sandy Marshall, Anne Michael, & Terry Rudman (Not Pictured: Connie Buttlar)

Awards at the State Level are Such an Honor!!!
    Our SWC Website took 1st Place and Healthy & Wellness and Yearbook and President’s Project each took 3rd place across the state!
     (Left to right) Christa Nuckols, GFWC FL Director of Junior Clubs; our own Kim Owens, SWCJAX Publicity Chairman; Debra Strahanoski, GFWC International President; & Linda O’Toole, GFWC FL President.

SWCJAX Learns about the Autism Spectrum and How to Utilize ElderSource Resources

We were grateful to have the opportunity to learn more about the Autism Spectrum from Lauralyn Popp. Her heartfelt message was spoken with conviction and pride as she informed us on the great job the Jericho School (who we support annually) is doing to meet the needs of these children & young adults. Carla Furr brought us a meesage from ElderSource on the many services available for the asking for Seniors in our aera. Thank you, ladies, for the fantastic information!!!

SWCJAX Learning to Protect Ourselves in a Digital World

We were grateful to have the opportunity to learn to be MORE AWARE when on our computers, cell phones and home phones. We learned what NOT to say, what to look for in questionable emails and how to not be distracted during phone conversations. Thank You Julie B for arranging to have Paul Sollee come and make us more Digital World Savvy.

New Member, Carla Furr, Jac Littlefield
(SWCJAX President), Janice Schwarz
(Membership Chair) and New Member,
Kim Armga. Welcome Ladies!!!

Watch Us Grow!!!

New Member, Carla Furr, Jac Littlefield

(SWCJAX President), Janice Schwarz

(Membership Chair) and New Member,

Kim Armga. Welcome Ladies!!!

A Tearful Introduction to Boggy Creek, the 2022-24 GFWCFL President's Project.

Special thanks to our guest speaker, Jacqueline Boykin, from Camp Boggy Creek who shared the mission of this wonderful camp.

Our special guest last month was GFWC FL District 4 Lake Butler Woman’s Club’s, Cate Reagan, who came to tell us about the S.A.F.E. program. Cate is the District Director for the State programs in Florida and Georgia. Their program is called “Florida/Georgia S.A.F.E.” It is this area’s S.A.F.E. chapter for the national organization, called “Stuffed Animals for Emergencies.” She has been working with them off and on since 2004. It was started in Jacksonville by Cammie Sanders, to benefit emergency responders, firefighters, and police, etc. to be able to give a stuffed animal to a child or adult who is in a traumatic situation to give them something to hold on to and to help calm them and give them some peace of mind and presence and feel like they are being cared for. These stuffed animals are sanitized and shrink wrapped as a result of COVID and given to the First Responders to carry around with them to give them to anyone in need. She encouraged us to take this project on for our Club. Our very own Christine Flora rose to the challenge and delivered over 60 stuffed animals to Fire Stations in the Beaches area and is ready for more!!!

GFWC FL SWCJAX celebrated Women’s History !!!

GFWC FL SWCJAX celebrated Women’s History Month with an engaging presentation from Chris Hoffman, the first woman Mayor of Jacksonville Beaches. She shared the rich history women have brought to the area and described how early settlers served as proprietors, laundresses, and civic leaders as they shaped and broke many boundaries! She also shared the importance of The Beach's Museum. Special Thanks to our guests from The Woman's Club/Jacksonville Beach.  So nice to exchange ideas with them. 

SWCJAX Follows Their Heart!!!

February Heart Month and our Ladies from SWCJAX was fortunate to have Dr. Connie Buttlar and Yvonne Caldwell, a Cardiac nurse, talk to us about our heart health.  We also used the BP cuffs to read our BP.  


A Great Success Combining Fund Raising and Fellowship

A group of our SWCJAX ladies came together as a FUN-draiser while painting wine glasses at The Winey Wench this summer. Just look at these amazing works of art. This was a great event to just have some fun while raising $$ for charity our Club supports. Ladies...we raise our glass to you!

GFWC FL D4 Meeting @ ORC! 

Kudos to ALL the ladies who made this event such a festive and organized event. Cathy Stringer and her team and Club volunteers worked tirelessly to make this event such a huge success. SWCJAX came away with 6 First Place and 10 Second Place — a 1st or 2nd place in EVERY category!

What an honor and privilege to partner with such an exemplary organization as Rethreaded. Rethreaded, a Jacksonville-based nonprofit, expertly uses upcycled materials -- much of it from retired Southwest Airlines seats -- to make purses, bracelets, earrings and much more. Our Club had the honor of hearing how this group of women are helping other women break the chains of trafficking through job skill training & lifestyle guidance! Thank you Stephanie & Shirley for sharing your stories with us!!! Our Members had the opportunity to do some early Holiday Shopping by purchasing products made by this much-needed organization. We are passionate in our support for this is a wonderful cause!!!

We enjoyed our March speaker, Lynn Joyner, from the Empowerment Ranch...we love to support organizations in our area that make an impact on environmental & educational issues! This ranch provides hands-on experiences to those with special needs, for families & volunteer groups. Thanks, Helen, for introducing us to such a great organization!

What an AWESOME EXPERIENCE to learn first hand on what goes on during the Operation Smiles procedures during our February General Meeting. MJ Kapuna, RN and her husband, who also travels for these surgeries, have been volunteering for over 8 years to many different counties doing these life-changing surgeries (and in many cases...many surgeries). Our Club is proud to be a part of this GREAT organization!!!

Our Special Guest Speaker at our January 9th meeting was Lesley Wells, from Daniel’s Kids. Our ladies love to learn about great organizations that to help improve the lives of children in our area!

What an awesome privilege to partner with such a great organization like our special guests from Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) as we presented them with the funds raised during our Garage Sale in November!

Aaron Lewis from Independent Living Resources Center was our November Speaker. We LOVE partnering with such a great group providing such unique and important resources for our community. Thanks, Dianne for letting us know about such a fabulous organization ILRC is and how they were able uniquely to help your family.

We are currently planning exciting field trips to learn more about the organizations we support:

For more information contact us @ or


May 15, 2024
@ 11am
Country Club!!!

For more information or
to reserve your spot, call
Cathy  (904-525-3890) or
Jac (207-730-1659).

Be Sure to Mark Your Calendar for These Upcoming Events...

•    May 15, 2024 (Wednesday) – Our last SWCJAX General Meeting

•    September 19, 2024 – SWCJAX Open House “Traveling Around the Globe!”

The Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville’s will be having an on-line NUTS & CANDY Sale as a Fundraising Project...the money raised will go to support Florida School of the Deaf & Blind in St. Augustine.

Go to... and order today!!!


“Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same.”                     Helen Keller

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