GFWC Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville "Women Inspiring Community Spirit"
     GFWCSouthside Woman's Club of Jacksonville "Women Inspiring Community Spirit"      

History by the Decade

2021 - 2030

2020-2021     The COVID 19 pandemic pretty much dominated the lives of all of us.  New words like “Zoom” meetings” and “Tele-Health” popped up, reminding us that it was still unsafe to be in the presence of others without a mask and social distancing. Work from home and home schooling were prevalent from coast to coast.  Many businesses had to close and so many were out of work. The vaccine became available in Jacksonville to persons over 65 in January 2021 and then opened to everyone under age 12.  And now, a second round of the COVID 19, Delta variant., has overtaken our country, and everyone from the President, congress, governors, mayors, and community leaders are pleading with people to get vaccinated.

Immigration, the opioid crisis, and racism still control the headlines. We finally, after 17 years, pulled our troops out of Afghanistan.

As for our Southside Woman’s Club, we love our new home at Deerwood Country Club -  chic and classy, and everyone is so accommodating.  We had a huge garage sale to benefit the “Northeast Florida Fallen Officers” organization.  We started a book club, and continued bringing in books for our “Little Free Library.”  We amended our bylaws so that in 2022 we will be in sync with the state officers and revised certain committees to allow for greater representation.

 We continue to support Greenfield Elementary with food, clothing, and cash donations.  Our newest mission at Greenfield is “Envision the Future” – to supply children with vision problems with eye exams and a pair of eyeglasses.  We were proud to contribute to “Operation Smile” for children born with cleft palates.  We continue to help finance our local “Five Star Vets” organization.  We did extremely well in the Arts & Crafts competition in District 4 and the GFWC State Convention.  We were able to fund three scholarships and commit funds to our community totaling $10,000. 



Alone We Can        Do So Little... Together We Can    Do So Much!                       Helen Keller

The Historical Society

Tuesday, January 25 at 11am

The Jacksonville Gem and Mineral Society
Thursday, March 17, at 11am

Our Silent Auction was a huge success and we raised the funds for our adopted eagle, named “Warrior." The National Park will be using the proceeds to replace the handicapped signage in the park, damaged by hurricanes. 

Call Cathy  (904-525-3890) or
Jac (207-730-1659) for more information.

We will be collecting “Books for the Brave,” books for veterans through Spring!!!

The Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville’s will be having an on-line NUTS & CANDY Sale as a Fundraising Project...the money raised will go to support Florida School of the Deaf & Blind in St. Augustine.

Go to... and order today!!!


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