GFWC FL Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville "Women Inspiring Community Spirit"
     GFWC FLSouthside Woman's Club of Jacksonville "Women Inspiring Community Spirit"      

SWCJAX Happenings

SWCJAX Fairy Houses Wins Big for Austism!!!

Our Club raffled off 9 different award-winning, hand-built clay Fairy Houses, created by our own Lauralyn Popp and her creative team. We raised a total of $1000 ($500 from the raffle and $500 matched by Lauralyn) for The Jericho School in honor of Autism Awareness Month in April. 

SWCJAX Wins Big at GFWC FL Spring Srts & Crafts Competition!!!

SWCJAX won an astonishing 15 ribbons at the 2024 GFWC FL State Arts & Crafts Competition. Lauralyn Popp’s Fairy Houses won 2 big ribbons for Best in Show for Crafts and The Award of Excellence Best Overall in Show. Congratulations to ALL who won a ribbon on the State Level...what an honor!!! Special Thanks to Cheryl Avery and her countless hours spent coordinating our Arts & Crafts, as well as, the work she does on the D4 and State Levels. Also, a Special Thanks to Lauralyn and her creative team for the Group Project Entry...the Camp Boggy Creek Wind Chimes. We can’t wait to see what’s planned for next year’s Group Project!!! Cheryl and Lauralyn have plans to visit the site selection for the wind chime at Camp Boggy Creek for the actual installation. CBC found a special place in Cheryl’s heart and she continues to help train volunteers in “How to cut out CBC Bears.” At this date, she has cut and matched fabric for 2658 bear kits...and counting!!!

SWCJAX Springs into Spring by Wearing Our Easter Bonnets!!!

We had a great meeting and enjoyed our March 2024 Meeting with Special Guest Speaker – Gabby Garay (ElderSource). Gabby spoke about all the services that ElderSource, the area agency on aging, provides. Their mission is to allow people to stay in their homes with dignity. ElderSource serves 7 counties in NE FL. ElderSource provides funding to other agencies, such as Meals on Wheels, the Senior Centers, and others. Older adults make up about 22% of the population. They provide a plethora of services. They also have a program for tools for caregivers. Special Thanks to Carla Furr for arranging this informative speaker.

“Wonderful Day” at the D4 Arts & Crafts Competition in Lake Butler!

In February, our Club took 49 ribbons out of 53 entries. Our Group Project: Wind Chimes for Camp Boggy Creek won Directors Choice & Best Overall in Show! Special thanks to Lauralyn, who made this happen!!! Our Fairy Houses also took a 1st place. We have 24 pieces going to GFWC FL Spring Convention!!! AMAZING!!!
24 – 1st Place Ribbons  •  15 – 2nd Place Ribbons
5 – 3rd Place Ribbons  •  5 – Honorable Mention

   We also honored outgoing D4 Arts & Crafts Chair, Kay, with a hand-colored quilt, a SWCJAX group project spearheaded by our own Cheryl Avery!!!

SWCJAX Donates Books to Jax Public Libraries 

SWCJAX held a Book Drive at our February 2024 Meeting to collect books for donation to Jacksonville Public Libraries to be used at their “Friends of the Library” Book Sale. Thanks, Carla Furr, for making this project happen!!!

Our SWCJAX Arts & Crafts Competition was a Huge Success…On to District 4 Competition in Lake Butler!

What big talents our lil’ Club has! Our crafts/artwork will travel to Lake Butler for the district competition. A special “Thank You” to our Judges, Barbara and Jackie, and to Cheryl Avery & ALL her hard work to inspire us to be creative!!!
   Our Big Winners:
    Judge’s Choice: Group Project – Boggy Creek Wind Chimes
    President’s Choice: Fairy Houses
    People’s Choice: Fairy Houses

SWCJAX Enjoys a Field Trip to The Beaches Museum!

What a great day for a Field Trip to the Beaches Museum on Tuesday, January 16, 2024! We learned lots of interesting things and shared our experience with ladies from the Arlington Woman’s Club, who joined us for this joint adventure. A special “Thank You” to Janice Schwarz who arranged our tour & is also a volunteer at the Museum. Everyone had a good time and said they would visit again!!!

SWCJAX Stepped Back in Times as They Celebrated Their 110th Birthday!

Thank you to all who made our SWCJAX 110th Birthday Celebration a special event (Our District Directors, Elizabeth van Rensburg, Theresa Crockett, & Terry Laws, and Lakeshore's President, Nancy Ware)!
We filled the SUV with food, school supplies and gift cards for Greenfield Elementary School.  Thank you Debbie for sharing how Greenfield is doing. They are very appreciative of our ongoing generosity.  Thank you all. 
Special thank you to Tricia Walker & Joyce Saxton who surprised us all with a lovely Key chain to commemorate the occasion. And to Tricia & Julie for sharing a bit of their GFWC journey!
Thank you to Kim Owens who assembled our 110th Birthday table with a rich history of our club- in photos and mementos.

A Little Rain Didn't Stop SWCJAX from Getting Our Creative Juices Flowing @ Lauralyn's!

   We want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU TO LAURALYN who opened up her home to SWCJAX, as a small-but-mighty-group of Southside ladies & 1 booster gentleman met at Lauralyn's to paint the beginning pieces of The Windchime. We enjoyed each other’s company and a great lunch as we worked on our group project. As a refresher, our Members voted on the group project and "The Wind Chime" was choice we made for our 2023 group project. This Wind Chime, once completed, will be entered as our Group Project and will ultimately find a home at Camp Boggy Creek. We also learned some clay slab making techniques as we built “Fairy Houses.” 

SWCJAX Focuses on Business & Community Service Programs!

   The GFWC FL Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville got down to the serious business of planning our Club Year. Not only was the 2023-24 Budget passed, and the 2023-24 Charity Giving approved, but we also put on our "Thinking Caps" as we explored CSP opportunities for this year, throughout the Summer AND to begin next year!!! Every Club Member is put into the CSP Group where her talents can make the maximum difference in our community! Each CSP Group shared their ideas and were encouraged by all Our Members with all the exciting possibilities!!! Way to put your heads together & come up with GREAT IDEAS for projects, field trips and more, Ladies! Special Thanks to Carla who put all the ideas together into one concise document!!!

SWCJAX Learns About the Good Works Being Done for Veterans...Right in the Jacksonville  Area!

   The GFWC FL Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville had the pleasure of touring the facilities of "K9s For Warriors," the nation's largest provider of Service Dogs for veterans.

Our support will help in the training of dogs to become Service Dogs for struggling veterans in regaining their independence from debilitating PTSD

SWCJAX Honoring First Responders in the South Jacksonville Area!

   This Community Service Project by GFWC FL Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville started as a way to recycle old scrapbooking papers of the Clubs! Our Arts & Culture Committee came up with the idea to made "Encouragement Cards" & the project grew from there...envolving our Civic Engagement Committee, as well. In May, our ladies all crafted over 30 homemade cards. Then, over the Summer, our ladies collected individually wrapped snacks. All the snacks were brought to our Open House, where we filled, to the brim, 5 huge plastic containers. Our ladies included the "Encouragement Cards" & then our ladies distributed the bins to 5 Fire Houses in our area. The smiles on their faces told the story!!! The First Responders were touched by our thoughtfulness and generosity. The remaining cards were signed by our Club Members and mailed to 13 other fire house in our area.


GFWC FL Leadership Camp @ Lake Swann!

   GFWC FL Leadership Summer Camp 2023 in Lake Swann was a Summer Camp like no other ! Representing many GFWC FL Woman's Clubs throughout Florida, the multi-day event covered a variety of topics and the best part...allowed club members to mingle & gather ideas. Let's send a cheer for the 3 C's for Effective Leadership • Communicate • Collaborate • Commit!  Southside Woman's Club was at the table and our own Julie Babcock, led a Leadership Ice Breaker. Lucky Cheryl won the Gift Basket! Check out the Boggy Creek Bears on the tables.  Shout out to Julie, Cheryl, Kim, Jac for representing SWC!



   Our Club has been working on a special secret project!!! Getting our creative juices flowing!!! How FUN!!! More details at our General Meeting! Thanks, Cheryl for leading us on ANOTHER great project.

SWCJAX Enjoys Some Culture, Fellowship & Food this Hot Summer!!!

SWCJAX Member beat the heat this July by enjoying some American Made Artwork at The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. We thank our Arts & Culture CSP Chair, Julie B., and her committee for planning this cultural experience! Always fun to have dinner together…The Brick did not disappoint!!!

SWCJAX Gets Creative When Designing Encouragement Cards for 1st Responders!

   Our Club made over 40 Encouragement Cards for our local 1st Responders.  We will be collecting indivdually wrapped snacks to fill 5 bins for 5 local Firehouses at our September 14th Open House.

SWCJAX Wins Big at the GFWC FL State Arts & Crafts Competition!

   Our Club had 24 entries in the Arts & Crafts and walked away with 18 ribbons! Lauranlyn’s “Nature Man” took 1st place and Best in Show! We’ll share all the Ribbon winners at our May meeting. Special THANKS to Cheryl, who did an incredible job exampling “The Volunteer Spirit!” Not only did she deliver all of our Arts & Crafts entries, but volunteered all weekend helping make the State Arts & Crafts Event a huge success. Thank you Cheryl...with Rose Marie by her side of course!!!

Who Doesn't Want to Make Camp Boggy Creek Bears?!?!

   We were grateful to have the opportunity to learn how to sew Boggy Creek Bears for the campers at Camp Boggy Creek. Our own Cheryl Avery attended D4 Boggy Creek Bears Workshop and shared the valuable information with Our Club!

SWCJAX Tours TPC Clubhouse @ Sawgrass!!!

After our outing April 19th at TPC Sawgrass, SWCJAX Ladies now truly understand the history of TPC and are ready to take on golf!  The tour was fun and informative & the lunch was just lovely. These ladies are ready for golf! Look at the cheers on Hole 17!

SWCJAX was Really "Putting on the Ritz" at the GFWC FL Spring Convention!!!

Nine SWCJAX Club members attended this year’s Convention in Orlando, April 21-23, 2023: Cheryl, Rose Marie, Jac, Julie, Cathy, Alice, Connie, Lauralyn & Kim. We had a great time, enjoyed each other’s company, ate “good” food, saw fantastic artwork & collected numerous awards!!! Plan on Attenting the GFWC Fall Boards in Orlando, September 22-24, 2023!!!

SWCJAX Makes Pillows for Our Local Hospices!!!

Our SWCJAX ladies worked hard to cut, stuff, and sew these hospice pillows designed to take pressure off body parts, aiding in the prevention of bed sores. A special THANKS to Cheryl Avery & her friends who donated the material & sewing skills for this project. The Imperial Beach Woman's Club in California has already reached out to us for guidance in creating these much-needed pillows for the Hospices in their area.

SWCJAX is Back at Deerwood Country Club!!!

It was nice to be back at Deerwood in March, it is truly a nice space for our meetings. Also nice to have a few guests in attendance. 

SWCJAX has Another Successful Bunco Fundraising Event!!!

A Huge Thank You Connie and her team for the successful Bunco Event...raising MONEY is surely FUN for Our Club Ladies!!!

SWCJAX Learns CPR Basics!!!

A Huge Thank You to Jackie Wade with The Red Cross for coming and educating Our Club on CPR Skills! Everyone practiced and was guided by our members who have been professionally trained in this area! Even our D4 Director, Elizabeth got into the spirit!!! What valuable never know when this education will come in handy.

SWCJAX Wins Big @ District 4 Arts & Crafts Competition!!!

A Huge Thank You To Cheryl & Rose Marie- who help us by motivating, encouraging, and just plain being great people!! Our Club could not have done this without you. A Shout Out to all our members who submitted & won ribbons! Our Club submitted 54 Entries into the District 4 Competition and took home 49 ribbons...the best of any Club in District 4!!
24 - 1st Place   •   13 - 2nd Place   •   9 - 3rd Place   •   3 - Honorable Mention
   Our Group Quilt Project took home “Best In Whole Show!” “Nature Man” by our own Lauralyn took home “Best Craft Overall!”

SWCJAX is Feeling the Love!!!

We love being GFWC Sisters!!! We love getting involved in our community! We love growing stronger!!!

   We are enjoying our new temporary location at Englewood Christian Church and appreciate their hospitality in making us feel comfortable and welcome. Special Thanks to Cathy Stringer and Kim Owens for arranging this venue. We are also grateful for our Caterer, CeCy, for making us a superb lunch and yummy dessert every time!!! If you would like to be a part of our great group of ladies, contact Jac Littlefield, President (207) 730-1659 or Cathy Stringer, 2nd VP (904) 755-6651 or Janice Schwarz, Membership (347) 302-4614 and come have lunch with us!!!

Watch Us Grow! Welcome New Member!!!

Jac Littlefield (SWCJAX President), New Member Joyce Saxton and Janice Schwarz (Membership Chair)!!!

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Had Their Annual Coat Drive...Just in Time for a COLD Snap!  

We had just our coldest since Christmas EVER...followed by a series of January Cold Nights!!! Our Club rallied by pulling out storage those items no longer in use.  We gave items for women, men and children!!! All were greatly appreciated: coats • sweaters • hats • scarves • gloves • blankets • new socks (Way to Give, Ladies!!!)

Watch Us Grow! Welcome New Members!!!

Jac Littlefield (SWCJAX President), Janice Schwarz (Membership Chair), New Members Mary Kollin and Flo Spragg. Welcome Ladies!!!

How Did SWCJAX Celebrate Our 109th Birthday? By Giving Back, of Course!!!

We FILLED Debbie Owen's SUV for Greenfield Elementary School (a local ESL school) with food, gift cards, school supplies & socks during our Annual “Fill the SUV” Event. These donations were be used to supplement children’s meals during the long holidays of Winter. The increase in demand has been phenomenal due to the rise in price of food and the cost of rent skyrocketing, impacting the children the hardest. Plus...our Annual Silent Auction Event brought in money that will be given to charities in our area! Way to Give, Ladies!!!

Hurricane Nicole did not stop our Club from their mission: no hungry kids on our watch!

Debbie Owen of Greenfield Elementary School (a local ESL school we support by “Filling the SUV” every year...which was postponned until December due to Hurricane Nicole) gladly accepted a check for $500 from SWCJAX to be used to supplement children’s meals during the long holidays of Winter. The increase in demand has been phenomenal due to the rise in price of food and the cost of rent skyrocketing, impacting the children the hardest.

Our SWCJAX Ladies had a great time at our October Meeting!!! If you are interested in joining our great group for lunch, contact Jac @

Our SWCJAX Ladies workerd on our "Group Project" after our October Meeting!!! We all are amazed by Cheryl's endless talents & creativity & organization!!! Our final product will be auctioned off later, with proceeds benefiting Camp Boggy Creek, the 2022-2024 GFWC FL President's Project. Great Job, Ladies!!!

SWCJAX is all about giving back!!!

We filled the SUV for Greenfield Elementary School!!!  Thank You for all the support! The representative from Greenfield shared how the children benefit from all our generosity.

Tropical Start at Our GFWC-FL SWCJAX Open House
   Aloha!  This Hawaiian greeting acknowledges the community between people as well responsibility & good will toward each other. This was the Open House theme at The Southside Woman’s Club in September! The Club kicked off their club year in style and welcomed Jacqueline Boykin, from Camp Boggy Creek who shared the mission of the camp - founded in 1996 by Paul Newman and General Norman Schwarzkopf with one simple premise... “every child, no matter their illness, could experience the transformational spirit and friendships that go hand in hand with camp.” This is the GFWC FL President’s Project for the next 2 years. Our Club has pledged our support. Special thank you to Elizabeth Van-Rensburg, District 4 Director and our many guests for attending. Kelly was our lucky 50/50 winner! Aloha!


SWCJAX goes to The Cummer & The Florida Yacht Club for an Afternoon of Culture and Fun

   On June 25, GWFC FL District 4 hosted an event  at The Cummer Museum and The Florida Yacht Club.   Our Club was well represented with 6 ladies in attendance.  Nice afternoon & a great opportunity to mingle with other clubs.   

GFWC FL Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Goes Back to High School!

    GFWC FL SWCJAX celebrated our “High School Years” by playing lots of fun music, dressing from our graduation year & trying to guess who was who in our own “SWCJAX High School Annual.” Thank you, Jac, for bringing this fun event to life!


GFWC FL District 4 is Off and Running!

    Our new GFWC FL District 4 Director, Elizabeth Van-Rensburg, hosted a meeting at her home in Palatka on June 17.   Julie and Jac attended and had a sneak peek of the coming year with District 4.   It was nice to gather together with a few Club Presidents and others from GFWC FL.  Elizabeth has picked the Florida Emergency Fund as her Charity project for her 2 year term.  "Category 4 - Meet District 4!"


SWCJAX helps Greenfield Elementary Students Grow to Respect Nature!!!

    “A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.”  How wonderful that our Southside Woman's Club of Jax played a small part in this for Greenfield Elementary School.  The Club recently collected egg cartons and purchased seeds, etc. to help the school begin growing vegetables and flowers as part of their curriculum.  Our environment is richer for this and as a Club we helped promote a wonderful teaching opportunity for Greenfield Elementary.  Special Thanks to Shannon Sigman for coming up with the idea and for the Club for supporting this great idea! 

GFWC FL Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a Field Trip to JGMS!!

On our recent Field Trip to the Jacksonville Gem & Mineral Society the Southside Woman's club had a chance to refresh our memories on different rock & mineral formations.  Special Thank you to Craig Hamilton (a SWCJAX Booster) who shared his expertise with the group.  This is a wonderful location with an interactive museum and classes offered. Thank you to Julie for organizing this adventure.  

Mission Accomplished, GFWC FL Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville, Eagle has Landed!!

It was a picture perfect outing- with our Eagle, "Warrior"  being the star. Several of SWCJAX Ladies gathered at Five Star Vets on February 15th to present them with "Warrior."  Deborah Johnson, our District 4 Director and her husband Tom joined us also. We also brought "Books for the Brave" and 30+ Blessing Bags. Colonel Len Loving, his wife, Suzie, and the folks at Five Star Vets were so pleased and truly amazed at how magnificent our Eagle is and grateful to have him donated. In May 2021, our Club agreed to purchase an Eagle. We knew this would be a very special "Special Project" and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to have worked together and made it happen!!! Thanks to our efforts, The Everglades National Park will be improving their handicap signage, damages by recent hurricanes. Great Job, Ladies!

GFWC FL Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville Make "Blessing Bags" as part of the "GFWC FL President's Day of Giving"!!!

SWCJAX ladies assembled over 60 "Blessing Bags" filled with personal items which will be distributed to our community partners, such as R.E.S.T.O.R.E. and 5-Star Vets!!! "Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love" - Mother Teresa

GFWC FL Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville Shine Again!!!

SWCJAX took an amazing 17-1st place 15 -2nd place, 12-3rd place and 3 Honorable Mention Ribbons at the District Arts & Crafts in Palatka. Special Thanks to Cheryl and Rosemarie who keep us on track & help our club in so many ways. Our Group Project took 1st Place !! That's teamwork ladies!  47 ribbons out of 53 entries !!  

GFWC FL Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville stepped into

history when they visited The Merrill House in Jacksonville.

What a great Field Trip to The Merrill Residence, renovated by The Jacksonville Historical Society and opened in December 2005. The home, built in 1886, was owned by James E. Merrill who started a small iron works in Jacksonville in the 1800's. Mrs. Merrill was a member of the Jacksonville Woman's Club. The club members visiting were able to look at her Woman's Club book that dated back to 1902.. The furnishings and the history within these walls is amazing. Our docent, Nancy Gandy was excellent, and we all enjoyed learning about the Merrill's and for a brief while we walked in their footsteps within their home.  Thank you to Sandy for organizing this trip.  Lunch was enjoyed following the tour.  

A Great District 4 Meeting in January at The Lakeshore Woman's Club.  

Jason Ware, Nancy Ware's son spoke as a survivor of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  We learned the power of surviving cancer and how to fundraise as Jason is a National Ambassador for LLS.  Special thanks to GFWC FL Lakeshore for a wonderful meeting!

SWCJAX Makes the Holidays All About Giving!!!

We collected wrapped gifts for children at Greenfield Elementary School, who would otherwise have NO presents under the tree!!!  We also collected "Coats for the Homeless" that were taken to a local homeless shelter for distribution. Thank You for all the support, Ladies!

Our SWCJAX BOD celebrated Julie Babcock’s Birthday during their recent Board Meeting 

GFWC FL Southside Woman’s Club of Jax Members Make Meals to Help Feed Jacksonville!


SWC of Jax Members volunteered and helped package the Macaroni & Cheese packets which will be distributed throughout Jacksonville as part of the Hunger Fight. Hunger Fight was founded in 2012 in Jacksonville FL and they produce and distribute shelf-stable meals that are flavorful, nutritious, and easy to prepare in boiling water to those at risk for hunger in our community.  This organization has packed to date 9,739,474 meals.   


GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville Plants Our First Little Free Library!


GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jacksonville did NOT let COVID 19 or quarantine orders keep us from last project for the year.  Sandy Marshall had an idea & suggested that we install our very first “Little FREE Library!” So a kit was ordered! The box was constructed & cheerfully decorated by our President Julie Babcock.  Her friend helped us “plant” our library at the corner of Oriental Gardens & Hendricks Avenue, in the San Marco section of Jacksonville. Nine members were there, masked, and books in hand to stock it.  We enjoyed the beautiful day & the interest our little library has already generated!!! What a fun, happy project that we hope continues to instill the love of books in parents and children alike. We are thankful that Sandy has graciously agreed to maintain this addition to our community’s educational efforts! Great Job All!!!

GFWC Southside Woman’s Club of Jax Participates in the November 1st Honoring of May Mann Jennings

Six of our Club Members, (Julie, Alice Jac, Marsha, Carol and Kelly) had the privilege of attending the November 1st event honoring May Mann Jennings at the historic Evergreen Cemetery. It was a lovely tribute, rich in history, sponsored by District 4 and led by our own District Director, Theresa Crockett. Afternoon Tea was held at the Riverdale Inn for the 28 in attendance.  We all walked away with an enhanced picture of our GFWC past and with additional knowledge making us all proud to be members of GFWC! 

District 4 - We do More!!!    

SSWC of Jax Partners with St. Johns Riverkeeper to Send 72 Greenfield Elementary 5th Graders on a Learning Experience of a Lifetime!


Southside Women’s Club of Jacksonville loves partnering with St. Johns Riverkeeper, an organization that makes a difference in the life of our river through advocacy and education. Because of our generous donation, we were able to provide a unique learning opportunity for Greenfield Elementary 5th graders. Our donation helped pay for 72 students to go out and learn about their St. Johns River through hands-on educational activities. Because of local school district budget cuts, this educational experience has been eliminated. Our Club provided the funds to Riverkeeper, on behalf of Greenfield--an underserved elementary school in our area, to continue this valuable learning activity. It was a perfect day to be out on the water. Students became scientists studying the salinity of the river and discussing how it changes throughout the watershed and on a daily basis through the water cycle. They learned about native plants and animals and how an ecosystem is interconnected through food, water, shelter, and air and were able to observe the river and document animals/human interactions with the St. Johns. The students had a great time and really engaged with the program activities. Southside Woman’s Club of Jax is looking forward to continuing this great learning experience, by continuing to partner with St. Johns Riverkeeper, providing this unique experience for future 5th graders!

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